Media Caddy

Impacting choices from 3 feet away

Media Caddy

Full Description

Digital menu boards in restaurants are all the same. Isn’t it time for something new? Media Caddy boosts sales and changes the way you promote your business with the Bar Caddy.


Conventional napkin holders haven’t changed in nearly 50 years, yet they are still on top of every table and bar across the country. Wouldn’t this be a great place to reach your customer base? The Bar Caddy seamlessly integrates a digital signage display on the front of a static napkin holder and streams endless content, in-house promotions, and outside advertisements. This means that whenever a patron reaches for a napkin or grabs a straw, they are immediately caught by the Bar Caddy’s alluring display.


Promoting your business just got easier and your patrons feel like dining at a high-tech restaurant. At a sports bar, the Bar Caddy can be programmed to display sports trivia or fun facts and then immediately show that wings are half off on Tuesday. At a fine restaurant, the Bar Caddy can detail exquisite wine pairings with certain foods and what the specials there are tonight. All of this is happening less than 3 feet away from the customer – resulting in more unplanned purchases and promoting sales easier than ever.