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Full Description

ComQi is a global leader providing a powerful multi-channel message management platform that controls a network’s content and infrastructure, closing the loop between digital signage, mobile, web and social media within a venue. This provides powerful ‘Connected Experiences’ for the end user.


Created through the merger of Minicom Digital Signage and EnQii, ComQi’s mission is to deliver an end-to-end solution that is tailored to engage consumers by optimizing communications and marketing strategies that provide the best ROI. We deliver the right content to the right place at the right time to the right audience, in order to stimulate a change in the consumer’s behavior.


We believe that digital signage has become part of a larger eco-system that links to mobile, social and local channels which put the consumer at the center of the experience, allowing our clients to continue their conversations with the customer through their journey through the venue – be it a retail store, fast food restaurant, advertising network, transport hub, shopping mall or office.


We enable these Connected Experiences through a single platform that offers media distribution, network and content management, interactive experiences and impact measurement.  This platform encompasses solutions in digital signage, music, Touch Screen, Mobile Experiences, streaming technologies, distribution technologies, video-walls and media players as well as retail innovations such as Virtual Mannequin, Holographic Projection, Whispering Windows and Delay Mirror. We offer all these solutions directly or by partnering with systems integrators, distributors and marketing agencies.


Our hundreds of customers include famous brands such as Care Media, Compass Group and Six Flags (in the US), McDonald’s and The Premier League (in the UK), CinemaxX (in Germany), Toys ‘R’ Us (in China) and Carrefour (in France).


With over 12 years of expertise and an installed base of more than 400,000 displays worldwide, ComQi is a global company headquartered in New York with offices in Jerusalem, Toronto, London, Zurich, Paris, Hong Kong Shanghai and a representative office in India.


We have won numerous awards including the AV Technology Award for the Best Digital Signage Product in 2011. We have been voted as the number one global digital signage provider for three years in a row by DailyDOOH and a Tier One player by Frost & Sullivan for the second year in a row.



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