Digital Signage Software


Full Description

BroadSign International LLC is one of the leading digital signage software companies in the world. Its first digital signage product was unveiled to the general public at the Digital Signage Expo in 2004. It had been in development for several years and was a radical departure from anything created or envisioned at the time.

The software available at that time was heavily focused on playlist management and often required an expensive player device. BroadSign’s objective was to provide a secure, automated platform designed to scale up to hundreds of thousands of displays without requiring a large staff to manage it. The product was the first to employ a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform in the digital signage industry and was also the first digital signage software platform built around standard media workflow. Other innovative features included supporting output from industry standard content management tools, e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, and using a unique automated campaign execution mechanism as opposed to being playlist-based.

Overcoming initial skepticism by industry members familiar with playlist systems, BroadSign has undergone impressive growth at a steady rate thanks to a constant focus on innovation, with the company releasing twice as many new and updated features per year as the most aggressive of its competitors. It now boasts a large international presence, running some of the world’s most prominent networks.